What We Offer

Tresca Design is a consulting company focused on the mechanical design and development of industrial or consumer products and mechanisms. We bring engineering expertise and creative minds to form sensible solutions to complex challenges. Tresca specializes in service, making every project personal, while guaranteeing unparalleled service, results, and quality. We help any individual, start-up, or large company; whether they are at the concept, prototype, or product revision stage. Tresca brings technical expertise to your team that removes the need to hire temporary engineers for a project. We create value for your company by giving you the design you want, at a fraction of a corporate cost.

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Our Services

3D CAD Modeling


We use Solidworks to transform a concept into a model. Your idea will be designed with manufacturing and assembly steps in mind. 

We can model and animate all components and their assembly steps.

3D Product Rendering


Using Solidworks Visualize, we can transform a 3D model into a high-resolution image against many backgrounds and lighting schemes. 

You can begin to market your product before the first unit hits the shelf.

Product Testing (FEA)


Using our engineering expertise along with advanced Finite Element Analysis software, we can test your product in a simulated environment. We can perform stress testing, drop testing, thermal/flow analysis, and more.

Technical Drawings


We can create technical drawings from either a CAD model or existing product. These drawings will contain everything needed to send your product off to a manufacturer.

Electronics Development


We can create prototype circuits using low-cost Arduino controllers to test the performance of your sensors and components. When you’re ready, we can refer you to electrical engineering experts and manufacturers to complete your custom electronics design.

Product Development


We can help you refine your product idea by examining your target market. An analysis based on customer need, product cost, and current intellectual property will give you the confidence you need to market your product.

Rapid Prototyping/3D Printing

We also provide a variety of 3D printing and prototyping services. Click the button below to explore our capabilities.

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