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Checkers the Inventor Visits the Tresca Office

checkers the inventor visits tresca

The Tresca Team had the opportunity to be a part of a Checkers the Inventor video to teach 3D printing to young STEM students.

Recently, Joey Hamilton, better known as Checkers the Inventor, came to the Tresca office to take a look at our fleet of 3D printers. Joey and his sidekick Snoozer teach kids about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, better known as STEM education. They reach kids through live performances, books, online videos, and community events while inspiring and motivating them to learn.

During Joey’s visit, he was fascinated with the printing technology and was excited to give kids the opportunity to learn about it. While Joey was at the office, he filmed a video with our printers and many of the awesome large prints we have in the office. The president of Tresca, Dan Buckmaster, joined the dynamic teaching duo in the video to talk about the technology. He helped explain how the technology works and all the benefits of using it during our engineering products. Dan was happy to be able to join them in their mission of spreading the message of creativity and to have a love for learning!

Joey’s love of teaching has taken him all over the country to encourage kids to pursue career paths in STEM fields and Tresca was honored to be a part of this mission.

To watch the 3D printing episode on YouTube, click here!