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Engineering Breakthroughs Due To The Pandemic

Engineering impacts during the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic completely altered everyone’s world including engineering related industries. Engineers everywhere had to respond to the pandemic in order to help the public find a way through the problems that occurred. So the question is, what are some ways engineers are playing a role responding to the pandemic in order to help reduce the spread and effects of Covid-19?

The genetic structure of the virus was actually sequenced within a matter of weeks of its discovery in the United States. This was made possible by the tremendous efforts and collaborations from electrical, mechanical, computer, and chemical engineers alike.

What Roles Do Engineers Play?

Even though scientists are working on the vaccines, there is also an engineering aspect that goes into it. The engineering part enters the equation when you go from a small number of doses to enough doses of the vaccine for an entire population. Why? This is because the manufacturing industry has to adapt to the high-demand for vaccines. Moreover, engineers can be responsible for getting supplies and infrastructure to the public as well as making sure the correct ingredients from all around the world are being brought to the correct locations for the production of vaccines and therapeutics. The distribution of all of these items once they are made can also require an enormous amount of engineering.

Recent Developments

Artificial intelligence and machine learning has been a huge factor for software engineers when figuring out how to expedite the fast development of vaccines and therapeutics. Artificial intelligence makes it easier to identify solutions to produce intervention for Covid-19. For example, without artificial intelligence professionals would not know which drugs can be used to prevent antigens on the exterior of the virus. Additionally, without the work from home infrastructure that engineers have created overtime, we have been able to communicate throughout the pandemic while still maintaining social distance.

Innovations Being Brought To The Response Effort

One important aspect engineers bring to the table is risk modeling. Companies are using what is called a digital twin in order to model systems of the real world. This way engineers are anticipating potential problems that may come about due to the pandemic and then figuring out solutions in order to adjust to this new environment. As more real world data comes to light, it is added to the model in an effort to have continual improvements. In turn, there is an increase in testing capabilities due to engineers.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The success of the United States and nations around the world’s response to the obstacles presented by Covid-19 as well as the recuperation of our economies and health will ultimately fall on the efforts of scientists, engineers, and medical workers collectively. Engineering’s role with the pandemic will only increase as we continue to study and make improvements based on the findings of this virus. Together, we will be successful.

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