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How To Identify Your Next Big Idea

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Sometimes you see something so amazing that it’s hard to imagine how that person thought of something so fantastic. Then you think about how Thomas Edison had 1093 patents for many of his inventions. Not only is it amazing to have just 1, how did he think of so many novel ideas to get 1093?

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This blog will show you a simple practice to start doing every day that will help you identify your next big idea.

The Simple Change

Everyone experiences issues in everyday life. However, most people see a problem, say “wow, that is annoying”, and then move on with their day. Once they go on to something else they forget about the problem and never think about it. This is even true for problems that some people experience every day, each time someone experiences the same problem, they are often annoyed again and move on.

However, what makes the people who invent solutions identify that problem as a problem? They write it down! Taking note of issues occurring in your life will help you remember them and will allow you to start solving the problem.

This sounds simple and that’s because it is! Keeping an ongoing list of problems to solve helps an inventor with finding problems to solve. Usually, problems don’t just come to an inventor, they have to experience the problem themselves, and then write it down. Later, when they have the chance to tackle problems, they can look at their list of problems that they have experienced and choose one to work on fixing.


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Once you have an ever-growing list of problems, you can filter them down to the ones you want to solve. If your goal is to become an inventor and bring your solution to market, your filter might be more business-oriented. If your goal is to solve a problem to have the greatest impact on your life, then you might solve the problem that takes up the most time in your life.

Whatever the solution is, it requires the inventor to take note of the problem existing in their life. They need to say “wow, the current way we do this is terrible and I need something better. I’m going to put it on the list.”

The list could be in a spreadsheet, word document, notes app on your phone, or even just a handwritten list in a notebook. Keep it safe and read through it frequently. You might just have an amazing opportunity written in there.

Tresca Can Help

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