Our Work

Our team works with a diverse array of clients, industries, and projects.

We have had the opportunity to serve clients with a diverse set of needs. Whether you need a proof-of-concept prototype or a market-ready product, we can work with you.

Who We Work Best With

engineering design services

Engineering Management

Often overwhelmed, dealing with no bandwidth for the additional special projects that get dropped in your lap. You need a partner that can adapt to your process, communicate consistently, and make you look good while you focus on your core projects.

engineering design services

Sourcing & Procurement

You’re tasked with finding the right vendor for the unique challenge at hand, while often not being as familiar with the requested parts as those making the request. You need a partner that can provide expertise, deliver work to your exact specs, and fit into your workflow.

engineering design services

Research & Development

You’re looking to bring a product to market, but not to do it yourself. You need a partner that can take your idea and your end goals, and bridge the gap with effective solutions. The best way to do this is to find a partner who can handle all the details with flexibility.

engineering design services


You need a high-quality product created and timing is everything. You’re in need of a partner that has the expertise to set the best plan, while having the agility to adapt successfully to unforeseen issues and still deliver a quality product, on time, every time.

We are dedicated to serving all our clients with the same passion for developing innovative solutions.

Examples Of Past Work

Many of our projects and clients are confidential in nature.

While we can’t show all of the work we have done, we can show some examples of projects below.

What Our Clients Say

“We selected Tresca due to their creative spirit, enthusiasm and willingness to learn and adapt during the evolution of this technology. Tresca Design exceeded our expectations and were a perfect fit with our team. They were innovative, results focused, cost conscious and collaborated seamlessly as an extension of our team.

All of us at Helios-NRG were highly impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail and ability to deliver high quality results under time pressure. Helios-NRG intends to build on this successful collaboration with Tresca and has included them as a partner in future projects.”

Dr. Ravi Prasad


“While developing a startup project for Kaiser Engineering I had the pleasure to work alongside Tresca. From the start, Tresca jump-started the project’s progress with a prompt response outlining quotes and various material solutions that I could pursue.

Overall, what I received was extremely personal technical service, and phenomenal turnaround times. I strongly encourage anyone seeking project development assistance to reach out to Tresca to make their ideas a reality.”

Matthew Kaiser

Kaiser Engineering

“Tresca provided us the engineering support we needed to allow us to focus on our core business. Their flexibility allowed them to integrate with our team effectively within a matter of weeks.

Tresca continues to give us professional, personal support for our design and prototyping needs.”

Dr. Phil Schneider

ACV Auctions

“From rough sketch to 3D model, Tresca Design helped us bring our idea to life. Tresca has been phenomenal from the get-go. Startups with limited internal capabilities like ours are always excited to find business partners like Tresca who can fill multiple roles.

In functioning as our one-stop R&D resource, it was comforting to have a single point of contact through the nitty-gritty of product development. We are very pleased with Tresca’s work, and will continue to use them for future projects.”

Rachel Jackson

Rachel's Remedies

“Tresca Design’s rapid prototyping services allow our team to stay focused on the forefront of R&D work. The fast turnaround time for design and production cannot be beaten, and enables our work to proceed smoothly.

Tresca Design is always responsive to our needs and provides professional service.”

Sr. Engineer

Fortune 500 Company

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How do you handle new inventions and technology?

  • We here at Tresca will never shy away from something that has not been done before, and we specialize in developing simple solutions to complex challenges. We do not own any Intellectual Property of your invention.

    What industries do you most often work with?

    • We have worked with clients in a range of industries that include automotive, biomanufacturing, consumer products, machinery, and more. We work with clients ranging from university students through Fortune 100 companies.

    Where are your clients located?

    • We work with clients all across the United States and in several different countries. 

    Can you manufacture products?

    • While we don’t have in-house manufacturing capabilities, we do have an extensive list of vendors and suppliers both locally and around the globe. We utilize this network along with our supply chain expertise to get you a top-quality product for the best available price.

      Do you have rapid prototyping capabilities?

      • Yes! Tresca has a fleet of FDM and Resin 3D printers as well as a  machine shop in-house. This allows us to create models, prototypes, and production mock-ups in a fast and cost-effective manner.