Meet Our New Brand!

Why the New Look?

We wanted to make ourselves as easy to find as possible, while keeping a name that is true to our work.

Our new name and logo give a better picture to what we do.

What Does the Name Mean?

Tresca is named after Henri Tresca, a French mechanical engineer who is most famous for being the father of the field of material plasticity. His most famous contributions include the discovery of the Tresca Failure Criteria commonly used in structural design and Finite Element Analysis today; as well as the Trecsa section, designed for the prototype meter bar. The Tresca section is the "crooked-H"-like geometry found in our logo!

What's Changing?

We've changed our logo, our legal name, and that's it!

We have NOT changed our personnel, our ownership, our office location, or the services we offer.

While our email addresses have changed to the "" domain, any email sent to an email address with "" will still be delivered and responded to in the quick turnaround time you have come to expect from us!