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Short Stories: Inventing the Band-Aid

band-aid inventions

Band-Aids are a part of normal everyday life! They save the day for minor cuts and are such a simple solution that prevent deadly infections. Like many inventions, the Band-Aid was made out of necessity to solve a problem.

In 1920, an employee of Johnson & Johnson named Earle Dickson invented the Band-Aid for his wife Josephine. His wife was very clumsy and was constantly getting cut and burnt. Instead of having her cuts get infected, Earle put adhesive on either side of a small piece of gauze for Josephine to use and she loved them! She could easily dress her wounds without the hassle of taking out an entire first aid kit.

Earle passed on the idea of Band-Aid to J&J and was eventually chosen to lead much of the company. He was an engineer at heart! By 1939, sterilized Band-Aids were a standard of care around the country.


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